Voice, Video, Applications and Collaboration - Converged

Include the full span of Unified Communication tools in your company’s arsenal. P-Series Cloud Edition brings all your communications together for your entire team -from must-haves to the nice-to-haves – with optimized experience built for everyone.

CaaS deployments are surging across different business sizes and industries, which could be a gold mine for service providers. Designed for channel success, P-Series Cloud Edition Turnkey Solution is a fully managed, serverless offering that enables faster time to market, easier service delivery, and higher return of investments. Better yet, with the help of Yeastar Central Management, everything from service roll-out and expansion to management and operation is in one place.

  • No server needed, minimum initial expenditure
  • Reliable service based on a high availability architecture
  • Click to create PBX instances and scale without limits
  • A holistic view of all your managed services
  • Upgrade, backup, and more scheduled tasks

P-Series Cloud API Recording Integration

How the API works:

  1. Every time a third-party application sends an API request to the PBX, a new TCP connection is established. The TCP connection is closed when the PBX returns a response to the application.
  2. For the first request, the application needs to send credentials in order to get an access token. The PBX verifies the credentials and returns an access token. The application should include the access token in every subsequent request for authenticated API calls.
  3. The PBX validates the access token and returns a response with the requested resources.
  4. The recordings are stored locally and then uploaded to the CQ system.
  5. API request flow:


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