Voice Behavior Analytics Using Avdor CIS Crystal Quality®(CQ) Call Recording

Voice Analytics CIS Call Recording

Predictive Speech Analytics

CQ recording system provides high quality RT audio stream in stereo


Personal Profiling

Prosodic through prosodic speech analysis: Non content aspects of speech, e.g., intonation, pace

Crystal Quality + Avdor CIS

Speech-based predictive analytics solutions for enterprises, healthcare and human resources markets

Enterprise Predictive Analytics

Enterprise Predictive Analytics

Risk assessment, Personalized marketing, Personalized retention

Real-time information on business aspects, transaction, potential, performance

Avdor CIS Crystal Quality® Predicative Voice Analysis provides innovative voice call analysis in real time. The system creates a personality profile independent of language or culture, utilizing patented analysis technology based on hundreds of natural human speech patterns.

These patterns reflect emotional and behavioral perceptions and tendencies like: someone’s temper, risk taking level, social capabilities, openness and adaptability and more. This system helps identify and predict high risk customers and situations.

Analyze speech patterns

Energy, pace, intonation and emphasis

Future customer behavior

Example: Loan payment, buying prospect

Analysis information

Managers can receive alerts on all critical conversations

Why choose Crystal Quality®?

Real-time, automated analysis personalizes behavioral tendencies and significantly improves decision making:

Improve Decision Making: Identify potential defaulters in prospects, provide guidance to recover debt

Prosodic Analysis: Identify agents working tendencies, burnout, etc.

Lower costs: Predict and prevent future issues

Explore and visualize business processes: Listen and focus on the customer

Behavioral Tendencies: Enables call centers to provide personalized service

Wide Range of Fields

  • Banks
  • Risk Management
  • Sales Conversation
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Health & Customer Care Organizations
  • Health & Wellness
  • Mental Health Monitoring


Dashboard, AKA Call Analyzer:

The Call Analyzer dashboard is an actionable screen available to all customers that displays agent and customer attributes. These analytic scores are used to inform and improve the current call interaction, as well as for assessment and training purposes of phone representatives. The Call Analyzer is available to all customers – the dashboard shows these attributes for both agent and customer.

Debt Collection Predictor:
Instantly identify defaulting customers with the highest probability to repay; without expensive data analytics; without heavy call cadence and deep contact strategies. Use the power of acoustics to identify those who are most likely to repay their defaulted accounts, providing collection effort clarity and focus on the accounts that matter the most.

Loan Default Predictor:
Forecasts loan applicants’ default probability using only their voice. Predicting applicants’ default risk early in the call saves representatives time. Underwriters spend less time looking at bad loans, save money, and make better lending decisions at the top of the sales funnel.

Candidate Success Predictor – for Talent Recruiting and Retention:
Liberate hiring teams from the tactical screening process. Our acoustic analytics empowers recruiters to do their most valuable work by focusing on the candidates that matter the most—making hiring more intelligent.

loans, save money, and make better lending decisions at the top of the sales funnel.

Employee Churn Predictor & Wellness Assessment – for Talent Recruiting & Retention:

Harness the power of acoustics to help assess employee satisfaction and general wellness. Recordings of 60 seconds are all that is required to generate a predictive report that includes a clear indication of an employee’s churn probability and general wellness. While more than 200 elements of acoustic prosody are used, the report publishes some of the major behaviors and stratifies them with low, moderate, high ratings; or assigns a direct behavioral description where applicable.

Sales Conversion Predictor – Sales Conversion:
Identifies high converting callers and leads at the top of the sales call, in seconds, using only the sound of their voice. This solution links typical speech patterns with behavioral tendencies to provide real-time monitoring of the customer and the agent’s disposition, as well as providing interaction guidance.

Personality Attribute Predictor:

Identify a customer’s personal attributes instantly, within seconds, on the first call, and help craft a high converting sales or customer service call. Link typical speech patterns with behavioral tendencies, and customer attributes to provide real-time monitoring of the customer’s disposition as well as interaction guidance. Monitor various interaction patterns, reflecting how the customer sounds: Engaged; Determined; Communicative; Attentive; Ordered (or systematic); Dependable; Adaptive; and Open. We guide the agent to focus the conversation with the customer’s attributes in mind, thereby crafting a more personalized, and effective, on-call experience.


Crystal Quality® Voice Analytics:

Predict Behaviors Based on Conversations

Real-time call analysis:

Analyze live stream or pre-recorded audio to generate behavioral predictive analytics based on personality tendencies.

The system builds a personality profile through speech analysis independent of language and culture, based on measuring speech patterns that exist naturally in each person.
Insights can be used in cases such as: call centers, financing, sales and marketing, human resources (HR) and industries like insurance, telco, healthcare and more.

These patterns reflect emotional responses and tendencies to certain behaviors such as human temperament, tendency to take risks, sociability, openness, buying, adaptability and more. The system helps identify and predict customers at risk or those with the highest chances of buying.

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