Full Integration

with Speakerbus Unified Communications

Speakerbus Call Recording Solution

Speakerbus delivers world-class, innovative mission-critical telephony solutions to global Fortune 1000 corporations in the financial services sector.

Avdor CIS has extensive experience in providing advanced, high-quality reliable recording services with seamless integration with Speakerbus.
We provide streamlined management of trading communications voice recordings (telephony, mobile phones, screen captures and more) using a simple, easy to operate and modern-looking user interface.

Our flexible pricing plans enable you to select the one most suitable for your requirements.
With Avdor CIS Crystal Quality, financial institutions and trading floors of all sizes can prove their calls are recorded, securely stored, archived, and most importantly –  that they are in compliance with the latest regulatory requirements.

Speakerbus CIS Crystal Quality Solutions
CQ screen IP Recording CIS Crystal Quality Call Trading Room

Crystal Quality (CQ)

Speakerbus IP recording

  • As a Speakerbus recording solution, CQ simulates a group of virtual SIP extensions and gets RTP (Voice Stream) from iTurrets.
  • The CQ Proxy interacts with the iCDS and iCMS, and uses the CDR-Link of the ICDS and iCMS to receive call event reports and call information for particular channels, and can use these event reports as recording triggers.
  • Once a channel conversation is established, the recording is triggered
  • ROD – During a phone call, users can press a function key on their phone to start/stop call recording (both on a desk phones and softphones)

Integration Solutions with Speakerbus for Voice, Screen, Mobile calls and text - an All-in-One system

Our Joint Solution

Avdor CIS is a Speakerbus partner delivering seamlessly integrated solutions for all Speakerbus communication protocols. Screen, Voice & Mobile recording and more!

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