The Session Recording Protocol

Recording SIPREC-based Service Centers

Avdor CIS Crystal Quality®SIPREC with AudioCodes Mediant™ SBC

AudioCodes SBC connects the IP-PBX, SIP Trunk and the Avdor CIS Crystal Quality recording system.

SIPREC (Session Initiation Protocol Recording) is an open protocol, based on SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to provide a call recording framework.

SIPREC was created by SIP founders especially for call recording companies. It’s one of the most popular call recording protocols in the world and follows the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) guidelines.

The SIPREC standard defines the interaction between SRC (Session Recording Client: Role performed by PBX or SBC) and SRS (Session Recording Server: Role performed by recording server such as CQ).

* Screen and call recording are a mandatory requirement in many fields and countries, mainly in call centers and banks, allowing companies to meet legal and regulatory requirements, such as MiFID II and PCI DSS.

SIPREC, SIPREC CIS Crystal Quality recording software for business call screen mobile

Crystal Quality Standard SIPREC Connection

  • CQ server receive from SBC invite, if ok – the SBC sends the RTP
  • When the SBC is located on trunk side, the recording is by channel of trunk
  • When the SBC is located on extension side, recording is by extension

AudioCodes with Avdor CIS CQ Crystal Quality

Compatible SBC Integrations Using SIPREC:

CQ SIPREC robust and configurable interface is field-proven, with multiple installations and vendors such as:

Dialogic                Avaya
Cisco                    metaswitch
AudioCodes        Oracle

Cisco Avaya Audiocodes Dialogic Huawei Oracle Metaswitch

Our All-in-One system records and manages Voice, Screen, Mobile Calls and Text

Business Benefits:

  • Avdor CIS provides time and cost savings with quick installation, tailored and cost-effective pricing and enables you to resolve disputes and save time and costs with comprehensive call recording and documentation
  • Assigning a dedicated Avdor CIS professional support representative on contract start date.
  • Proven integration with the communication environments and infrastructures by Cisco, Avaya, AudioCodes, Ribbon, Dialogic, Oracle, and others.

Avdor CIS SIPREC Solution

Our call recording software is the most open and advanced recording system. It includes convenient and user-friendly interface enabling customers to build their own specific call recording program, according to their business and personal requirements.

To learn more about our unique SIPREC call recording suite – connect with Avdor CIS today!

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