Full Integration with Genesys Platforms

Avdor CIS Call Recording Solution for Genesys

Avdor CIS is a proud member of the “Genesys Partner Network” program. In accordance with the program, we are fully integrated and interoperable with all Genesys PBX platforms, and deliver world-class services to customers worldwide.

CIS provides advanced call, screen, mobile recording and AI predictive voice analytics solutions and more! Our system is fully integrated with all Genesys platforms through a simple, reliable and advanced interface.

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Genesys Active and Passive Recording Principle

Avdor CIS Crystal Quality call recording system integrates with all Genesys PBX platforms. There are two modes of operation:

  1. Passive Mode: Passive recording and optional connection to CTI T-server
  2. Active Mode: Active recording without the need for port mirroring – as described in our downloadable manual.

The system can record and manage Voice, Screen, Mobile Calls and Text in an All-in-One System!

How Does Avdor CIS Crystal Quality (CQ) Interface with Genesys Platforms?

  • As a unique recording solution dedicated to Genesys Platforms, CQ will be simulated as a group of virtual SIP extensions and registered on Genesys SIP Server and MCP via the SIP trunk
  • CQ Proxy interacts with a Genesys CTI server (T-Server), which in turn interacts with Genesys. CQ Proxy uses the Call Control Services, specifically the TLib of Genesys T-Server to receive event reports and call information concerning particular stations, agents, and agent hunt/skill groups, and can use those event reports as recording triggers.
  • All agent extensions which need to be recorded will be configured as “Automated” or “Record on Demand”
  • Once a telephony conversation is started, the recording will be triggered
  • The CQ Recording Server contains two network interfaces, one for communicating with the Genesys SIP Server and the other for receiving RTP traffic from the Genesys MCP
  • For full time and scheduled recording, CQ records a call by dynamically programming a SIP Device and Media Control API station to observe the station to be recorded. In both cases, since the IP address of the SIP Device and Media Control API station is that of the CQ server, the audio portion of the call is directed to the CQ server and can thus be recorded

Top 5 reasons to use Crystal Quality Recording for Call Centers using Genesys:

1.Quality – Avdor CIS Crystal Quality call recording software (CQ) provides an advanced, reliable and user-friendly interface for Genesys.
2. Cost – CQ offers several convenient pricing plans enabling you to select the one most  suitable for your business needs.
3. All-in-One solution – CIS provides a range of recording systems for enterprises and SMB, including call recording, screen recording, and mobile recording. CQ can also integrate with CRM and other systems.
4. Full Backup – CQ includes a free full backup in up to 3 locations. The backup is customizable and can be scheduled.
5. Compliance – CQ complies with PCI DSS and covers MiFID II recording regulations. 


Our Joint Solution

Avdor CIS Crystal Quality Call Recording solutions are all integrated with the Genesys communications platform.

To learn more about screen, mobile, analog recording solutions for contact and call centers –  connect with Avdor CIS today!

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