AI Insights

Avdor CIS’s sophisticated AI Insights system is a leading machine learning solution, available in several configurations.

The complete solution includes encrypted audio extraction – in real-time, or offline on-demand – providing quick decision-making tools for managers.


Voice Analysis

The voice analysis layer identifies sentiments such as anger, stress, nervousness, and more.

In addition, you can save a voice signature in the customer’s entry in the database. Once a voice signature is created, callers can be identified regardless of where they are calling from. Some examples of voice signatures use are:

  • Identity verification for interactions with banks/government offices
  • Identification of decision-making persons authorized to give instructions in organizations
  • Identification of committee members for the purpose of automated meeting protocols and action items documentation

Text Analysis: STT

The transcription layer allows extracting entities from text.Entity extraction is an NLP-based text analysis technique that forms an understandable layer of information from raw text.This method provides a quantitative view of unstructured field information and delivers a clear and accurate picture of what is happening in the field.


Avdor CIS solution already includes a generic built-in list of entities that can be extracted. Customers can define additional entities according to their specific requirements.Entities can be time, geographical location, names of people, names of products, names of competitors, and practically any data type or item that the customer requires information about.

Examples of entity extraction use cases:

Customer Service:

  • Churn signals         
  • Threats of customer lawsuits         
  • Reasons for churn        
  • Competing companies – where customers churn to

At the internal level:

  • Sticking to call scripts
  • Internal rep performance competition, appraisal (which representative mentions more or less promotions for example)
  • Alerts triggered on inappropriate communication with customers

Sample events in the banking industry:

  • A customer calling for a wedding loan or account consolidation is flagged – the bank can offer this customer additional products (mortgage, etc.)
  • A new competitor is flagged – Triggering banks to assess which clients are a churn risk, and what they’re complaining about, reducing the churn risk before it becomes real

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