Avdor CIS has re-branded!

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Avdor CIS has re-branded!  Our new site is up! 


We’ve gone back to the future with our re-branding return! 

Our newest website boasts a new look, easier better navigation, and one, easy-to-remember name that covers both our services and products divisions with shared resources and better visibility across all devices.

 Our improved website & name: https://avdorcis.com/

New office!

Europe in the Belgium region!
Service Hours: Monday – Thursday 08: 00-17: 00 CEST

Working From Home: Pandemic Crisis

Protecting reps’ privacy Playback customer call recordings using reps’ cellphones

Financing, Loan, Debt Collection Management Companies

Virtual mobile numbers’ for mobile phones, frequent number changes to avoid recognition, high-quality call recordings

Separating Business and Personal life

Business numbers availability schedules, call redirect service (on vacation, workload balancing, etc.)

Homeland Security

Manage disaster and crime events in the field while security people interact with their mobile devices, improve future events handling.

Healthcare Administration

Log and record cellular phone interactions with healthcare companies as well as insurance companies.

Delivery and Transportation

Track the interactions with customers, gain insight of actual delivery process, ensure field staff is following policies

Financial Services

Log, record mobile calls & messages for improving employees’ productivity. Interactions now meet regulations through this channel.

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