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Avdor CIS is optimally positioned to offer extended global mobile call recording capabilities (voice and text).

The advantage of having both office and mobile calls recorded is that all employee calls are available in one location via one search.

As mobile call recording EU legislation becomes a regulatory must, and MiFID II compliance is enforced since 2018 – European financial organizations are the first to actively seek a fully compliant one-stop solution, definitely followed closely by other industries as well. Most available solutions are adequate only for EU local mobile operations. These fall short of a full solution for branches and employees located outside of Europe and all around the globe.

For enterprises, SMBs and other organization types, this solution enables full insight into all business communications while ensuring compliance with statutory call recording and privacy regulations. The solution also enables organizations to more easily set up and manage their virtual offices and oversee their remote workforce across the globe.

Our advanced mobile recording solution is based on the CIS Crystal Quality solution and Mobile2CRM’s recording system for cellular networks.

The solution enables companies to really know how their sales reps and other customer-facing staff are performing. The solution allows for in-depth analytics that help companies build personalized coaching programs to improve sales and overall business performance.

Additional benefits of the integrated solution:

Working From Home: Pandemic Crisis

Protecting reps’ privacy Playback customer call recordings using reps’ cellphones

Financing, Loan, Debt Collection Management Companies

Virtual mobile numbers’ for mobile phones, frequent number changes to avoid recognition, high-quality call recordings

Separating Business and Personal life

Business numbers availability schedules, call redirect service (on vacation, workload balancing, etc.)

Avdor CIS Recording solutions with Mobile2CRM is fully compliant with mobile call recording regulations:

Guaranteed mobile recording of All calls anywhere, incoming and outgoing, even when roaming;

Integrated with other corporate platforms;

Easy to deploy and manage changes;

Dispute resolution (record & report).

Overcome both challenges and only record and store business-related conversations for analysis without any privacy issues regardless of whether your sales reps use company-issued or BYOD phones.
Check, grade, and review all sales conversations, which enables you to identify areas for improvement.

Mobile2CRM and CIS enable an additional cellular number on cell phones, connected to the relevant resources (CRM, recording, etc.).
This provides a premium cellular relationship with the customer – while protecting seller’s personal cellular communications privacy.
Each seller’s mobile device is assigned a non-intrusive business profile. The solution captures business-only interactions conducted on each mobile phone, while personal conversations remain private — complying with strict privacy laws.

The solution enables secure mobile network-based cellular communication with the customer, which creates a significant improvement in engagement, without exposing the employee’s private phone.



Homeland Security

Manage disaster and crime events in the field while security people interact with their mobile devices, improve future events handling.

Healthcare Administration

Log and record cellular phone interactions with healthcare companies as well as insurance companies.

Delivery and Transportation

Track the interactions with customers, gain insight of actual delivery process, ensure field staff is following policies

Financial Services

Log, record mobile calls & messages for improving employees’ productivity. Interactions now meet regulations through this channel.

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